Ystral Conti Mixers

Ystral manufactures mixers, dispersers, and combined mixing and dispersing systems in a variety of different sizes--from the smallest laboratory dispersers and mixers up to largest industrial machines. They specialize in the dust free induction of powders.



Ystral Conti-TDS is used for the dust-free induction, wetting, and dispersing of powders into a liquid. It is designed according to the rotor-stator principle and creates the required vacuum to induct the powder into the shear zone of the dispersed and highly accelerated liquid stream by itself. Compared to other Ystral TDS-machines it is installed outside of the respective vessel. With this set-up all the energy is converted to wetting and dispersing energy into a very small volume in the mixing head. Ystral offers immediate and complete wetting, directly into the liquid stream. The mixers offer a higher degree of dispersion compared to conventional mixing and dispersing principles.


The Ystral Jetstream mixer is based on the rotor-stator-system. A fast rotating rotor produces a directed liquid stream. A guiding tube surrounds the rotor. It directs the liquid stream towards the bottom of the vessel and is then redirected to an upward stream creating a homogeneous liquid. No sedimentation or air is induced in the vessel. The Ystral Dispermix is used when simple mixing is not sufficient. The Dispermix causes an intensive mixing of the micro and macro range in the product and simultaneously disperses the product completely in one operation. There is no air entrainment. Ystral mixers are used in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical productions, food and cosmetics.

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Westfall Inline Mixers

Westfall specializes in custom-engineering mixers and components used in pipeline systems for water treatment, wastewater treatment, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industries. Each of our products was designed to solve a problem for our customers and to perform better than competitive products. Our products can be fabricated in a variety of materials and specifications to meet your needs.

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DIT Helicone Mixers for High Viscosity Applications

The Helicone High Viscosity Mixer by DIT has been in production for over 40 years and comes in two models, the CV (Cone Vertical) and SC (Single Cone). The Helicones are highly specialized, multi-agitator mixers that lend themselves to a variety of applications utilized in many industries. These mixers typically outperform horizontal and vertical designs by reducing mixing time as much as 50%. Both the CV and SC are low speed, medium shear style reactors with excellent mix dispersement. High viscosity polymerization and condensation reactions are routinely accomplished in Helicone mixers. Mixing viscosites exceeding 3 Million CPS can be achieved.

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