Whittier Filters

Whittier Filtration's broad lines of filtration treatment systems are used for the removal of solid matter and impurities from liquid streams and employ a variety of removal techniques. These include precoated wire and cloth-covered flat and tubular pressure filter leaves and elements, sand, anthracite and multi-media type media filters. Whittier Filtration's systems are widely used by industries, including chemical, mining, steel, power generation, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and by municipalities.

Cartridge Filtration

J Meyer & Associates represents Cartridge Filtration Systems to meet specialty requirements in chemical processing, waste treatment, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, research and development.

Filtertech Industrial Filtration

Filtertech offers a wide range of filtration products for liquid/solid separation. These products include automatic indexing gravity filters, vacuum filters, liquid vacuum filters, sludge filters and pressure type media filters, as well as automatic centrifuges, magnetic separators, and absorption filters. Filtertech's team of engineers specify, engineer and design complete filtration/clarification systems with highly-efficient solids removal.

Filtertech Product Line
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Featured - Ystral Mixers

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